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Fiore Global Search provides a unique solution to a critical problem. A problem that exists for even the most successful and innovative companies in the world. The problem is that hiring and retaining top talent is more difficult now than it’s ever been. Most companies still choose between the 2 traditional search models: retained or contingency. The problem with most large retained search firms is simple: signing NEW search work is their primary objective; successfully executing EXISTING search work is only a secondary objective. They will certainly try to fill the search, but even if they fail they will still be paid two-thirds of the total fee, and they will still have plenty of new clients and new search work coming in, since signing NEW search work is their primary objective.

When companies go through the pain of having a critical position open for a year, while they still had to pay 100k to the retained firm that failed on the search, they often decide to try their luck with a contingency recruiter. The problem with most contingency recruiters is also simple: they just aren’t very good. They tend to work with a lot of different companies on a lot of different positions, without ever really getting to know their clients and what makes them special and unique. The uninspiring messaging they share with the candidate community on behalf of their clients often does more harm than good.

Fiore Global Search provides a unique solution to this problem by offering an exciting alternative to the traditional search models. An alternative that allows for a committed focus on successful search execution, even if it’s at the expense of new search signings. An alternative that allows for flexible fee structures that ensure the highest likelihood of a successful hire for our clients, even in challenging economic conditions. And most importantly, an alternative that allows us to partner so effectively with our clients that we become an extension of their organization and help to build their brand within the candidate community. Because we believe that executing a search is about more than just making a successful hire. It’s about building great public relations for our clients by effectively sharing their brand within the candidate community, and representing our clients in an innovative and ethical way. Client and candidate testimonials are available upon request



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